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Top hashtag for Architects is #Motivation, not #architect, #architecturaldesign!

February 12, 2020

Recently LinkedIn showed me insights on top hashtags followed by Architects/ People who are in Architecture and Planning industry:

#Motivation and #Construction far far surpass #architect or #architecturaldesign at 14.5 and 4.3 millions respectively.

A similar statistic gave me a shock when I searched for how the web categorizes professionals: Software architects outnumber architects by a huge margin in web presence and online activities. So the default result, by relevance and sheer numbers, highlights the world of software. According to GMAC (Get Me A Course) CEO, Networking, Java, Medicine, Health and Fitness, Cyber Security, Finance Management, Architecture, Web Development are the top searches currently.

But this is only in the beginning: Till the search engine figures out that you are, in fact, an AEC architect. Thereafter it covers you in an avalanche of nonsense that students get bombarded with, and come to think of as ‘Architecture’.

I can’t decide which is worse: Not finding recognition, or the bunch of greenhorn designs that are copies of ‘inspiring’ search results.

Often this blog deigns Design/ Architecture as a noir canvas, to paint with dark and darker shades. All creative professions are frustrating, but few take so long to create a product, and few rely so much on others to make it, while struggling to keep alive the art within. Therefore so many need motivation, comforting and pep talks even while going through it and creatively too.

Architecture will happen, and will not…

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