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Architecture College Rankings in India: Top Ten or Death of Architecture?

April 8, 2018

What a load of nonsense!

According To NIRF, These Are The Top Ten Architecture Colleges In India

Verbatim from ArchitectureLive: “NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) has released the list of top ten Architecture colleges in India. The list was released by Shri. Prakash Javadekar, Human Resource and Development Minister at New Delhi. About 3000 instituions from India had participated in the rankings.”

According To NIRF, These Are The Top Ten Architecture Colleges In India @

Did these jokers even talk to a total of 10 architects? Where did they get this intelligence, from CIA?

Superficial Exercise: Where the world is without Humbug

How did they begin their search? By looking for random engineering colleges that also had architecture departments? Or for those that have been around for years? Or those whose alumni are building good buildings? Or those who find placements because they switch their profession and become coders? Or where the good practitioners and academicians are teaching? Or those who are winning all the trophies at NASA?

Why mix the good ones with those not so good ones, so that the whole list can’t be trusted? I cannot help Sarcasm: If not those institutes where teachers devote their life to noble idea of teaching, and where genuine discourse about the role of architects and nature of practice, pedagogy, and purpose of architecture is taking place, where the graduates are unhappy about their work because they are constantly comparing themselves with other better works and universities across the world, why has it not at least included those started by architects with a romantic notion of knowing what architecture is, diligently trying to pass it down to students who themselves enroll because they are either risk takers, or because their other options were even worse!

And on the other end, where are those places where the students are very happy with having made a wall section by the time they are in 5th year? And at the same time they select projects that spread over acres and select big complex titles for what they call ‘thesis’ (and I thought calling School of Architecture’s dissertation a thesis was a bit preposterous, considering it was an undergraduate’s work- sometimes measuring  a building and sometimes talking about a foreign architect’s works that they have never visited)! Transportation Hubs, 5000 student campuses, and shelters on moon. Where the grades are never lower than 70, and often above 90 – implying the student knows most there is to be known about design!

Where are the gems of institutions who pay the coaching classes for sending students their way?  Or for hosting conferences on their premises. Where the classrooms are air-conditioned with libraries (literally) 100s of books strong… Faculties join the same college right after graduating, and students join facebook groups that post jokes and memes about architecture, and of course get their models made by professional model makers (that the college proudly displays as students’ work). Where failed professionals and neem hakims control and mould students’ and Architectural profession’s future.

Why not include them? At least give a strugglers’ nomination to those that had to pay Council of Architecture for recognition? You have no idea how humiliating it is to seek retired professors to put their names as faculty just to attract students who will come to study in their sports cars, and run around to collect faculties for online confirmation to CoA. Even more humiliating than to have to pass the students who don’t care to work, or having to give them drawings that they can submit as their own during the pretense of a jury… At least the parents who pay lakhs of rupees in fees will have heard of Architectural profession, unlike the rest of the country.

These are the people to wrest the honour and prestige of Architectural Design out of hands of Civil Engineers and other ‘unqualified’ quasi professionals standing as architects all over the nation.


Keeping Hope Alive

Glib, but hope things will improve, because this is still better than that international listing which included IIT Roorkie as the best college of Architecture in India a few years back with no sign of SPA, JJ or others, in sight. (Even if only comparing with SPA Delhi and other IITs – by own admission: “If architecture is what you are interested in, IITR is perhaps not the best place to pursue it.” @

Knowing very well that this is a reactive post, I intend fully to come back and write more after a thorough review and research. But in the meantime, I beg you all to not put your faith in rankings and do your due diligence… In these times of paid reviews and fake profiles, Quora still seems to be a go to place. Read the comments, and you will know the wheat from the chaff. This one, slightly old, has answers of all colors and stripes. Which is the best architectural college in India? @



For uplifting your mood, better visit this story instead: It has some half decent sketches of Moshe Shafdie’s building (Virasat E Khalsa Museum at Anantpur Sahib)

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