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Ten of the most beautiful modern libraries in the world

October 12, 2017

Several library buildings have been commissioned in last two decades, by a generation that believes in the power of a book. Even as the norm of Quiet Library seems to be taking a back seat in new Indian commissions, and in professional institutes and technical universities where there are already discussions about learning by demonstration – something architecture schools have figured out long ago.

This round up is highly recommended:

BBC Culture – 10 of the most beautiful modern libraries in the world

Functionality and relevance of a Grand Library building can be debated but not the charm of a library. Imagine, like Alexandria (My favourite), Nalanda’s library coming alive, again attracting 1000s of visitors from all over the world. Seeing what was proposed by the architects in their concept, the library building has a prominent place and design treatment suitable to become anchor of proposed new Nalanda University. As the entire proposal rests on water, hoping that the problems they are running into because of flooding and high costs, will be solved and something magical and truly inspiring will emerge.

The post with my thoughts on Library at CEPT is @ Lilavati Lalbhai Library: New CEPT Library in the making

Looking forward to see what happens to the library commissioned by Obamas.


In the meanwhile, I am impressed to see how work produced by an eclectic bunch of people gets branded with the name of Modi (Who was elected PM one year after the article was written), and Gujarat. Ironic, but similar to USA that gets credit for work by people who choose to call it home, like Rahul Mehrotra.

Gujarat to shape Nitish Dream


More @ Nalanda University revived after 800 years

Where Nalanda University started in 2014, the Convention Centre (RICC) next door, definitely had a Gujarat connection, but another time about how things are viewed  by the reporters/ masses V/s how Bihar happens to be a place where many international as well as Indian firms had an opportunity to show their abilities.



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