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Gender parity at CEPT: Better late than later

March 26, 2015

Update: This notice arrives in the mail: Good beginning, followed by a great second step…

Important Notice:

CEPT University is one of the few open campuses in the country and it prides itself for the freedom of accessibility it offers for all during all times. However, based on the complains we have received, we also realize that it makes us vulnerable to various social crimes, especially during the time when the studios are open through the night.

An emergency phone is activated to use INSIDE or OUTSIDE the campus when there is any critical security concern. This number can be dialed through your mobile phone directly and it will ring up at both the security gates. This service is available after the office hours (from 07:00 PM to 09:00 AM).

In case you should feel any kind of threat please call:

Emergency Number: 07926302430

Please put this on your speed dial.


You don’t have to be a woman to think gender.. And bias is a shared burden, so hope things will change and get better for all students and faculty at CEPT with efforts towards gender parity and a conscious push towards liberal values from grassroots level.

. News about CEPT - Gender Parity.2015

So what has changed in the meanwhile?

Recalling this old reference among architects: If you have one, you are Correa. If you have two, you are Raje, and if you have three, you are Doshi.

Daughters growing up to enter the vocation of their fathers has had no small role to play in changing the general perception about architects/ engineers/ planners. Even if they were sometimes encouraged to settle down with good catches, or be a backdrop of their spouses’ more illustrious careers, they seem to be making a dent. This, along with generations of bright girls and boys who entered the campus as teen-agers and grew up fighting biases.

It was not easy to imagine a situation where a woman was a dean, biased or otherwise. At present all the deans are new faces. And except Anne, all women: Anjana, Krishna, Manvita, Darshini. The next layer of teachers has a good balance too. Students body comprises of more women. Any which way, more and more women entering the equation has helped. It has certainly brought dignity to the struggles and loneliness faced by their previous generations. To twist Friedrich Hayek’s expression slightly, after years spent trying to make genders equal, CEPT is finally coming to treat them equal. Well, not exactly, but this is a start as good as any.

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