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How to clean up: Thanks Ugly Indian, Schools of Architecture at Karachi and Ahmedabad

November 10, 2014

This news from Karachi is making waves through out social media. And it has an Indian angle to it.

Indus valley school of art and architecture wall painting

Tribune has covered the news about Clean Up Initiative @

Community Service

Painting walls is not new to Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (, where community service is a part of FP curriculum. Like School of Architecture, CEPT Ahmedabad students cleaning up Gulbai Tekra area to make a play space for children (see links at the end of this article), they have adopted a garden in 2010 through the city’s ‘adopt a garden’ scheme. Apparently they have a foundation program with activities similar to IITs. It is good to see their other initiatives, only much bigger:

I quote from their website:

“The Department of Architecture was awarded a project of the Karachi Port Trust for the development of Sands-pit as a resort. Work on the project is expected to commence soon with several architecture faculty involved. In addition, the Department of Architecture has initiated a project for the development of the shrine at Sehwan Sharif, Sindh in collaboration with the Centre for Social Sciences set up by the Alliance Francais in Karachi. The project will be carried out by students, but will be jointly managed by the faculty of the Liberal Arts program and the Department of Architecture.”

Click to access Pres-GBS-Paradigm%20PDF.pdf

Click to access Green%20Shield%20School%20PDF.pdf

For Aas Trust, an NGO working for rehabilitation of drug addicts aged 6 to 16, FP was requested to paint the walls of the rehab center situated in PECHS @

But this is a clean up initiative, in addition to painting the pretty pictures on walls that so many cities now have. Kudos to these kids.

Indian Angle

As the students have posted, the drive is inspired by The Ugly Indian, my long time favourite. Thanks Ugly Indian. And thanks Mr. Modi, not for being the inspiration behind the event, but for bringing this issue to attention of all and sundry.

Indus Valley Clean Up Initiative-Fareeha Nanjiani Fb Post

I am ever glad to see architects jumping into activities relating their environment. Starting voluntary organisations, organising citizen movements, leading heritage drives, and basically, being a part of the society by bringing positive change. Let us wish for more of this, what with over 300 colleges in India alone.

Students at Ahmedabad

Every other school and college ‘launched’ a campaign to clean up theeir surroundings on October 2, no mistaking that. But here are a few who have done it with a slightly longer perspective.

More about School of Architecture, CEPT’s recent work at Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad:

In a bid to give Gulbai Tekra a facelift, CEPT students conducted a two-day workshop where 28 of them cleaned the slums and engaged slum children in activities:



and @ @

And at Gandhinagar

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