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Amending Architects Act, 1972

December 10, 2013

This arrived bundled with something urgent. It invites your suggestions and feedback on proposed amendments to the Architects Act, 1972.,-1972

Also points one to COA Forum @  (Filed under the category of Profession of Architecture  Practice  Legal Aspects)

The title post says “Council of Architecture, India has proposed various amendments to the existing Architects Act 1972. Attached with this message is a draft proposal on the same. Architects are requested to send your views and suggestions to the Council of Architecture on:”


And there’s a lone reply stating that ‘The Architect’s Act needs to spell out clearly the following’:

1. Define ‘Equivalent Qualification’ for B. Arch, M. Arch and PhD in Architecture.
2. Define ‘Allied Discipline’ and provide ‘List of Allied Disciplines’.
3. Revised List of Recognized B. Arch or Equivalent Qualifications.
4. Revised List of Recognized M. Arch or Equivalent Qualifications.
5. Recognized ‘PhD in Architecture’ qualifications.
6. Designation of Faculty recruited from ‘Allied Disciplines’ in the Architecture Department.
The Act also requires clarity on the following questions:
Question 1: Can Faculty with B. Arch and Postgraduate/Phd qualifications from allied disciplines, be called ‘Professor in Architecture’?
Question 2: Can Faculty with B. Arch and Postgraduate /Phd qualifications from allied disciplines, be allowed to guide ‘PhD in Architecture’?


Some professionals are speaking up or are participating with their efforts. But very few. Despite some people being adversely affected and profession in general falling to never before low standards of everything, most architects seem to be happily carrying on with their work. Blissfully skirting the issues that have a larger impact on educational, legal and professional contours mapping their lives, and what will govern policy and perceptions of future.

Architects Act is such a misleading phrase.


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