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Marissa Mayer controversy: Its all about perceptions

August 30, 2013

Marissa Mayer controversy: Its all about perceptions

Marissa Mayer Controversy

Marrissa has many enemies… This title struck me, and I decided to read through the article. I have read some defenses of Marissa Mayer, Chief of Yahoo, but this is the first time I saw a list of attacks, and an analysis that was not wrapped in jargon. I found it worth a read.

Marissa Mayer Has “Many Enemies”

And that sets her apart from other CEOs how, exactly?

A parallel with the President (of CEPT University)

For some reason, I was also reminded of a very distant situation, but the similarity is striking. My mind was constantly drawing a parallel not with jobs, but with another leader, the president of CEPT University. I concluded that it’s about perceptions, leadership, steering an organisation – suffering from misguidance, apathy, mismanagement and a general lack of direction – out of it’s mess, and putting it back on its glorious track.

She has ‘many enemies within her industry’, and so does our man President. There is a slander campaign going on, and for similar reasons as explained in the above article. There were and are increasingly negative perceptions, mistrust, or plain animosity.

She is accused of princess problem, and he, of being autocratic in style. No matter whether or not they both seem to have a genuine, long term vision and some idea of where they are leading the juggernaut they are heading.

1. He knows to lead one of the biggest consultancy practices in Ahmedabad, and now he is rehauling the academics, by replacing those academicians who were walking the consultancy rope, often not knowing either. 2. She knows the tech, and she is an outsider thus. “At the time of Mayer’s arrival, many executives at Yahoo were corporate hacks, not technical types. For them, to be replaced by a technical woman is doubly threatening. If technical women can do the work of male businessmen, we might not need male businessmen anymore!

And for some strange reason, although all acknowledge that there were major problems plaguing the organisation earlier, no one had any solutions. Neither so many complaints nor pointing fingers. Now so many have issues with the solutions (often the only possible ones) that are being implemented. Things needed shaking up, the structure was all but dysfunctional and everything was disintegrating… Now it is restructured, and after a lot of thought too. The girl/ guy seem to have some bigger idea going, even if they are not ‘nice’ to people.

When the changes seem drastic, it means they were long due, ain’t it?

Interestingly, now that the omerta is broken, both sides seem to be in the pit, and the lines are being drawn even among passive watchers. Local newspapers, with nothing better to do, and with some help from some of the supporters of filth, are able to fill columns upon columns of linen not exactly clean. Even as no one involved (on either side) may be accused of Godliness, at least a lot of people these days are heard saying ‘Good, he is shaking up things’ even if some with a bit of anxiety.

To twist one of the quotes from long ago: In architecture, as well as in education, happily, the deed counts.

For more on recent goings on at CEPT, go to previous posts.

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