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Cost of the Building: 155,000… Architect’s Fees; 8,000

June 13, 2013

Who doesn’t love an architect in need?

Consider this for one of the most famous buildings of all times, at least with architects:


Cost of the Building: 155,000

Architect’s Fees: 8,000


At the time when the guy needed work… old and nearly forgotten, it was okay with the client to pay that money (eventually, about 10,000)

More on the said building

It is interesting to read the account of work as progressed on this project by Jim Atkins* on … “Out-of-phase activities such as the drawings being completed after the work was begun were commonplace with the construction of Fallingwater, and these errant events would chronically plague the project throughout construction and cause delays and re-work” 


This is a sort of a working text, it will be updated a couple (or may be more) times.


* In FALLINGWATER PART 3 The Story of a Country House—The Design (Third of a six part series)


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