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Century’s Worst Advert, TVC featuring Colgate

February 13, 2013

Take the following:

Bad Idea

Bad Script, Story & Mood Board

Bad Cast

Bad Copy

Bad Execution

Combine all this to win the top position in the already highly competitive industry of making horrific advertising and the coveted title of the worst ad on TV. They do have a serious competition from some of their own ads, and ones featuring Sushmita Sen (@, Rahul Bose (@ or some other celebrities for ‘much less germs, much whiter teeth’ showing people that look like ghosts, and some others which are 102% or so better than another company! With some luck, this one will also be a finalist for the century’s worst.

Case in point: Advert for a toothpaste that is already the most recognised brand and a leading product of the company. Colgate.

What’s with the daughter walking in his dad’s dispensary biting into an apple? (Reminds me of a joke that went… What’s worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm? The original answer was: Finding half a worm!) This TVC, my friends, takes that answer to a whole new level. Really. I have no strength to go through that ad even one more time. I switched from Cars 2 to XXX 2 (the horror, I tell you, and this one was translated too)  rather than risk a brain hemorrhage on account of that father-daughter duo biting into a plastic apple one after the other.

I mean CP have the wherewithal to make a memorable, well executed, sensible ad. They have done this in the past many times over. 200 years old, they continually top the polls for trust; perception of positive intention; and relevant competence as a brand. But recently, they are really running their brand recall and any positive association they had to the grave. Put together, some of the most appalling adverts, without respite. What happened to that cute family of four ad running in movie theatres when we were growing up?

I have a confession to make. I never liked that toothpaste. I go to great pains to ensure I don’t ever have to use it. But I used to like watching that ad – both on TV and in theatres. I remember everyone joking about Palmolive aftershave ad featuring Kapil Dev. He sounded a bit strange, voicing ‘Palmolive da jawab nahi’! But if I must choose, I will pick that one over what sounds like ‘do you want white tits?’ Give me the Suraksha Chakra ad any day!

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