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A headache is a headache, but Architecture is more

January 25, 2013

My Herman Hertzberger lecture notes… @ SA50

I hope to find time to elaborate on these but I can straight away say that each one is potent enough to merit one page of write up, and worth as many years’ experience.


Architects talk money

Design of addition to an old university as an old village surrounded by new town

You need to be honest with yourself.

Headache is a headache, (and a medicine may be prescribed) but architecture is more complex (How architect’s job is tougher than a doctor’s)

You don’t need information from teacher, but you need teacher to know what to do with it.

Guggenheim – Inside = Outside (These days you see all these new buildings with fancy shapes… that doesn’t give you any idea of what the building is from inside… Don’t even talk of the Gehrys and Fosters)

Acoustics is technical, can be taken care of (about the latest project he is doing)

Inside-Outside …. Role of height

Don’t make a corridor, make space.

Hole to get people see if they want to (enter) see the auditorium (Referring to Mr. B.V. Dodhi’s design of CEPT Auditorium)

Why don’t architects use their knowledge of life?

What you think important – Why try to do anything else?

Split level because its exciting to see. To find out things.

People loved to be on the steps (Explaining his work)

Change stairs, flights not on top of each other

(To see:) She’s going with the other – In student life, it is very important to know who’s going (where, and more importantly,) with whom.

Architecture is about what concerns people. Not what they want, but what people are.

Anthropology is nonsense (just use your observation)

City planning in a building – 4 architects. (Hire an old guy to keep peace)

Italy takes 10 years off your life.

You never know what happens in Rome. (All of a sudden the work stops – & starts after 2 years)

Work in smaller unit. Other units for other purposes.

Thinking of people = think of yourself. Don’t think of Gehry or Norman, Piano. They think enough on themselves.

Bernini was busy with popes, not concerned about old people and people with children. As long as it works for popes… fine.

Friendly building.

Architecture is like clothes. A home is like that… Things you reflect on.

Fact of being lonely is that you keep it to yourself. Unhappy but didn’t want to show off.

Didn’t know what I was doing? Did know but didn’t know how right I was. (Talking of Old People Home, his early work that he revisited)

How life is organised

Computers = no scale. Nobody working with computers has any idea of what they are doing.

Always measure = M = think

Bench – sit, lean, lie on.

Do better, this is not yet loaded with all the possibilities.

2 Slides – Pyramids and an amphitheatre built into ground. First is monumental, visible from miles away, all for One person (Who’s dead) Vs the steps which will fit 10,000, not seen till you come upon them.

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