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(How it goes) When you start young

December 3, 2012

When you start a practice as a young professional (or in a new place):

First you struggle to become more professional

Then you struggle to make your clients more professional

They don’t change, but you get more and more experience working

Time comes when you accept what is the current mode of practice, and breathe easy

It will forever bother you, the gap between what is and what should be…


Now, it is up to you whether you still keep pushing for small changes that create a better practice

That is where greatness happens, beyond your limits, and others’

When you don’t need to, but you do struggle for better design and better environment.


  1. rethinknow permalink

    I appreciate your passion to keep pushing for better even when you feel like you might be alone to care. Every time you do so, something changes, however small or unnoticeable.

    • Thanks for supportive words.
      Something at least changes in our minds… (So, as Gandalf says: “Of course it is happening inside your head… But that doesn’t mean it’s not real!”)

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