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Rich Folks, Poor Folks

November 24, 2012

Are architects rich as Hollywood movies show them to be?

How many architects have you seen owning Yachts or fancy cars? How about Luxury Villas, the kind you see in glossy architecture/ interior design magazines?

Or dripping with diamonds the way other successful citizens do in charity balls for this and that cause?

This may have something to do with their way of valuing possessions or carrying their selves. With having different priorities (As an entire clan? seriously?) or taste (Believable, with most architects being able to choose only between Black Yellow Grey Orange White, when it comes to colours).

But most of all, I think, the reason is: They are just not that rich.

Some, in last century, of course led extravagant lifestyle. Some, a rather small number at present, own offices in expensive areas. But most don’t live lavish.

Some of them have their background (read inheritance/ trust fund/ springing board/ status) to explain their lives. Gehry lives in a home owned by his parents. Frank Lloyd Wright’s family owned lands all over Madison, where he built his last studio and house on his mother’s property. In modern day, enough of them started (and still run) their offices from propertied owned by their folks. Many are second or third generation practices.

What about the rest? They struggle their way to success like most folks. Only it takes them longer. Some don’t make it to the high ground. In a fish eat fish world, they are right near the bottom, along with struggling souls from other art based professions.

There is only one Jeff Koons versus 1000s who couldn’t get 1/100th of what their work fetched after their death during their lifespan. It is about their priorities, true. The rich ones were often better salesmen. The rest, perhaps preferred not to deal with the inevitable politics of art, architecture, media and buyers in the broadest sense.


I’m going to come back and elaborate this one. When I logged in I found out to my horror that the post I wrote sometime ago has disappeared. Not sure if I’d get any answers, but let me go investigate.

Sorry folks, it was a dear one…


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