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How to grab government land

November 19, 2012

How to grab government land (Based on a true account)

1. Find a big stretch of government land in a far off corner. Something that someone is not likely to come up with a good use for in immediate future. Find it in the jurisdiction of a lazy authority.

2. Occupy a small piece way away from the road within the land, as inconspicuously as you can, and build a hut or a small structure as you like.

3. If the government finds out, and challenges, you may go to a court claiming your right to live there because, in fact, you ARE living there.

4. With half the brain and some investment, you could always get a stay from being removed off the land. This even brings your claim on paper. After this, the ever generous judicial system will take over and years will go by before you know.

5. Do this for 12 years. Now the law is on your side. You can A. live there till someone finds out, whence you may officially go to the court and ask not be vacated or B. If you want to move first and sell the land or something, have someone else file a complaint about your occupation of the land.

6. Go to the court and ask a right to access with respect to all future development. You will likely get it if you have pulled the necessary strings/ presented things ‘rightly’. At most, they will need some help, money or something, to prevent them from going against your ambitions.

7. Expand around your piece as much as you can during the process, and reach the nearest main road. Make a boundary even. Voila, now the value of your land has improved beyond the Authority’s imagination. But what the heck, you were the one with a plan, not them!

Some helpful tips:

The trick is not to be found out or challenged in the first two weeks, and to be able to negotiate with another fellow politician or thug who might want to do the same.

Be clever, just hire someone to slum out the occupation bit.

This is possible with private property as well, if it is big enough, in the hands of someone mild enough or where the paperwork is in a jumble (Read: Most of the lands at most of the places).

It will be a big plus if you are a lawyer, a politician with some clout, or both (If so, I can’t believe you are still with me).

There, I explained (one type of) land-grabbing in 7 simple steps.

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