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Delhi Glows on WordPress

October 13, 2012

Delhi glows at Lunch Time

Delhi beats like the heart of Indian subcontinent on WordPress… It is beautiful to look at. Beautiful.

WordPress people are amazing. They’re sharing a pictograph of wp blogs in real time on world map. When I first looked at it, USA was still awake, and the usual places were showing bursts of activity. Europe was waking up, and was on the roll. As the day progressed, it was a delight to watch EU. It was like incessant fireworks with several rhythmic colourful bursts. I gave up on the idea of guessing what was where, there were so many.

Then I noticed India. Fewer but regular. There were spots where the dots kept appearing. White, Yellow, few Greens. On big cities, all of them. I could immediately guess Delhi. Ahmedabad had white dots appearing at the rate close to Bangalore. Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochi all were there. Right now Bombay is glowing a lot more than it did yesterday, but it was there alright. A few sporadic ones on Mangalore/ Goa. No signs of Calcutta. That’s really strange, considering the amount of intelligentsia that originates from Bengal. So also nothing in Central and North India, except Chandigarh. Could there be a power cut in these places? It may be due to the way servers are placed and traffic is calculated…

In the subcontinent, it was easy to spot the capital cities and what I guess as military bases, as the rest of the areas are in total darkness. As it happened, a few of the computers around me were being serviced, and the young computer serviceman revealed after a couple of hours, that he too was looking at what I was. Although a little disappointed that what I was looking at wasn’t a software, he was very excited about the display.

So mesmerised, I watched it all day. But what I felt in the first five minutes, and then confirmed through the next few hours, is that Delhi writes. And Delhi reads and appreciates blogs. I say it glows in the centre of India’s figure, and beats as the heart of a civilisation otherwise in the dark.

Enjoy yourself at:

Pictograph of activity on WP

World Statistics

Wordpress activity in Indian Subcontinent

Pakistan, India, Srilanka

Heart of India, Delhi

Delhi in Indian Subcontinent

Heart of the subcontinent

When the world is on fire, look at what glows in my backyard!

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